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Kidz R Us

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Kidz R Us

Kidz R Us is a wonderful award winning youth theatre company. They are dedicated to getting young people into performing arts. They support these young people and the wider community around the St Ives area.

While you are here it is worth checking out the latest production on at Kidz R Us as rave reviews and standing ovations are quickly becoming the norm here.

Kidz R Us work with about 100 kids, young adults and teenage each year. Since 1994 they have put on over 80 shows and won numerous awards. They have a wonderful traditional Christmas panto each year as well as many musicals throughout the year.

Kidz R Us call the amazing St Ives Theatre home. There is always something going on at the theatre even if it isn't one of the Kidz R Us shows.

The shows are always something special and will have you laughing and tearing up. The talent that the kids, teenagers and young adults have is simply inspiring, just like the work that Kids R Us does.

Kid R Us has done something truly amazing for these kids. It has given the local community and our visitors some of the best shows in town since 1994. It is simply not to be missed.

Whatever time of year you are coming to St Ives, Kidz R Us will have a show to blow you away. Be sure to check out the local listings or stop by the theatre. Ensure that you find out what they have going on, you will not regret a night at St Ives Theatre watching Kidz R Us do their thing!

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