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Porthmeor Beach

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Porthmeor Beach

While you are here in St Ives you will have a lot to keep you occupied. No matter if you are here to explore, relax or a combination of the two, Porthmeor Beach is perfect. You will find St Ives and the surrounding area holds all that you need to have a wonderful holiday and a great adventure.

If you are here for a family holiday or as a couple and you are in need of some fun and relaxation all rolled into one then perhaps the beach is the place to go.

The beach has been a staple on the traditional family holiday for generations now. They are still just as fun as they always were:

  • Exploring the coastline
  • Paddling in the sea
  • Building a giant sandcastle
  • Digging the biggest hole

If you have kids with you on your trip then the beach is a must go.

Porthmeor Beach is a half mile long beach with firm sands and wonderful blue seas. You will have everything that you may need close by like shops, pubs, public toilets, restaurants and cafés. Plus the wonders of the beach are here entertain your whole group.

Going to the beach on a holiday can really bring back some wonderful memories and while you are there you can create some new ones as well.

While you are on Porthmeor Beach you can watch some people surf or have a go yourself. It is best to arrive early to secure a parking spot but if you are walking then turn up whenever you please. The beach isn't too overcrowded most of the time and so you can find a great stop to relax in and have some great old traditional family fun.

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