The Regent

Wonderful Seaside Accommodation in St Ives

Saturday 16th of February 2019

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The Regent: The Place to Stay in St Ives

The origin of St Ives’ name is attributed in legend to the arrival of the Irish Saint Ia of Cornwall, in the 5th century. The parish church bears her name, and St Ives is derived from this.

Since the medieval times fishing was very important in St Ives, it bought in food for the villagers and also gave them fish to trade with. Seining was the most popular way to fish in St Ives during this time. This method was used right up until 1924 and quite probably could have been use by the sea captain which once owned the Regent.

Since then St Ives isn’t known for its fishing trade as much however you can still see the local fisherman unloading their days catch at the harbour. St Ives is now also known for its superb views, wealth of artists, little streets, sun and sea and tourism.

En-suite Accommodation in St Ives

There is a lot to do in St Ives, in 1993 the St Ives Tate gallery opened, and St Ives still draws many artists and craftsmen to its shore, with galleries and studios all around the beautiful cobbled streets where you can go and watch them work.

With narrow little streets and secret corners there is always an unexpected delight at every turn here in St Ives, we think it is the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. Whether you are an artist coming for some inspiration or you want to feel the beautiful hot sand under your feet, St Ives has something to offer everyone.