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Saturday 16th of February 2019

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St Ives gets in name from a legend, when the Irish Saint Ia of Cornwall arrived, the parish church bears her name and St Ives derives from it. St Ives throughout history has been known famously for it fishing and huge wealth of artists who came here to draw inspiration from the wonderful views.

However, during 1549 the town also played host to atrocity during the Prayer Book rebellion. Provost Marshal (Anthony Kingston) came to St Ives and invited one John Payne to lunch with him at an inn. During the lunch Kingston ordered gallows to be erected and afterwards hanged Payne for being a ‘busy rebel’. You won’t find any of that at the Regent.

Of course fishing has bought a lot of success to St Ives throughout history and it is from fishing that St Ives has flourished and become the town it is today. Fishing started in St Ives in the medieval times at it was actually the most important fishing port on the north coast. Between 1747 and 1756 the total number of fish caught from the four principal fishing ports in Cornwall (including St Ives) was 900 million fish, mainly pilchards.

Staying in St Ives

Over the years the fishing industrial has become a lot smaller but even today the local fisherman can be seen landing their catches at the harbour. Now the town is known more for its tourism, the stunning views of the bay and harbour still to this day attract artists looking for inspiration and tourists for relaxation.

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For any more information on St Ives why not come down and have a look around, its amazing what our little cobbled streets have hiding around every corner.