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St Ives Art and Galleries

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St Ives Art and Galleries

How did St Ives, a tiny fishing village six hours from London become one of the UK’s most important hubs of contemporary art?

What magic happened in this most beautiful of coastal resorts to secure it a place in the annals of art history?

And how did it warrant the opening of a gallery of international renown such as Tate?

St Ives is positioned as one of the premier places to both train and work as an artist. This is certainly due in part to its serene beauty; its magical, ever-changing light and its stunning coastline. It was these aspects which attracted its first resident artists in the 1920s. And these are the aspects which kept them coming back.

Attractions in St Ives

In the 1950s St Ives was the scene of an important gathering of many of our most forward-thinking and innovative artists of all time. This was just as new schools of art were being explored in other places across the globe.

Artists like Barbara Hepworth, Alan Davie and Terry Frost were beginning to explore abstract art. And their work, along with that of many others, came together at precisely the right time. As a result, an explosion in brilliant, contemporary art occurred.

The galleries in St Ives today can be used to trace back over the decades. This celebrates the important work which went on in the town and which is still going on today.

This is thanks to places like Tate, which houses a vast collection of important pieces. Alongside The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, we can still enjoy the art which came from St Ives. This allows us to enjoy the art and the town in its own right…much of it unchanged for centuries.