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The St Ives September Festival

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The St Ives September Festival

If you are looking for an exciting event in St Ives, you can enjoy the St Ives September Festival. Let’s take a look at what this festival can offer you.

The St Ives September Festival started back in 1978 and is the two-week festival. The festival showcases a variety of music, literature and arts events throughout the town. The festival attracts visitors from all across the globe. There is a full festival programme available. This programme includes concerts, workshops and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy.

Apart from exhibitions and workshops, you'll see a variety of performers and guest artists. There are many different free art exhibitions available and this will keep you entertained. There are also numerous musical shows and walking tours taking place throughout the festival. You can also take part in various workshops.

The St Ives September Festival offers the perfect art and music lovers and enjoys this event. You will certainly be entertained and you can learn something new from one of the workshops. You can also enjoy some of the top performers in the UK, along with up-and-coming comedians.

If you want to understand the history of art in St Ives, you can enjoy talks at Hepworth Gardens and Leach Pottery. Here you can also enjoy a variety of guided tours.

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