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Leach Pottery

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Visiting Leach Pottery

Leach Pottery is located in St Ives and was established in 1920. This popular museum plays an important role in the history of British pottery artists.

Bernard Leach founded Leach Pottery in the 1920s. He was one of the greatest artists of the century. He played a very important part in creating an identity for British pottery artists. A major renovation was completed in 2008 and the working pottery was also restored.

There are training facilities at the museum now available. They are under the guidance of John Bedding, the lead potter. The museum was recreated to reflect the life and legacy of Bernard Leach. There are regular shows of the year featuring the work of international artists.

Leach Pottery but also the first museum will make use of a Japanese wood burning climbing kiln. It has been used for more than 50 years and is still there today. The museum shows many wonderful memories of Leach and his co-founder. They were only a few of the great potters who came there and studied their art. Over the years, not much has changed.

This museum and studio are a great venue to visit for any art lover. You will be inspired by the work of popular artists around the world and even put your pottery skills to the test.

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